…a world where inequality is not suffered; where the latest knowledge is used to resolve the issues of the day; where evidence and need dictate what is done. In order for this to happen research on inequality needs to engage mass audiences. There are few better at achieving this aim than artists and designers. And so I extend an imploring invitation to you… help me to do something with this big book.
The Brief There is a long history of academic research highlighting and explaining the occurrence and persistence of vast inequalities both in the UK and around the world. For the most part, knowledge is not the issue. We know what the inequalities are and have a good idea about how to address them. The crucial factor now is translating this knowledge into action. Often academic research does not reach let alone engage a mass audience. Academics need to find ways of increasing awareness of their research and impressing on the public why it is important. This is vital if a well-informed and critical mass is to develop and demand change. Artists and designers are perhaps best placed to further this cause. In collaboration we could engage, educate and instigate change.